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Replica Jerseys

Several years ago we were approached by Carrie Neville of the Cleveland State Vikings to see if we could produce a replica basketball jersey for under $5/pc. Carrie had ordered the jerseys in the past, but she was stuck using stock material colors and had limited options for customizing the jersey. She was looking for a better option.

In order to achieve the level of customization required to make these jerseys awesome, while maintaining the necessary price point, we knew we had to go overseas. We were able to find a factory that could dye the material to any PMS color and cut and sew the material into any pattern we wanted. After seeing the initial sample, we knew we had a great product on our hands.

Carrie mentioned that she used the jerseys as a group ticket incentive to help sell group basketball tickets (e.g. instead of getting a group ticket for $10/pc,


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