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Spinner Pen

Retractable Plastic pen with toy fidget spinner topper that spins for approximately one minute.

Size: 5.75”l x 0.55”dia. (Pen), 2”w x 2”h x 0.27”d (Spinner)

Available Colors: Black Pen W/Blue Spinner,Black Pen W/Lime Green Spinner,Black,Blue,Black Pen W/Orange Spinner,Black Pen W/Pink Spinner,Black Pen W/Purple Spinner,Black Pen W/Red Spinner,Blue Pen W/Black Spinner,Black Pen W/White Spinner,Lime Green Pen W/Black Spinner,Lime Green,Orange,Orange Pen W/Black Spinner,Pink Pen W/Black Spinner,Pink,Purple Pen W/Black Spiner,Purple,Red Pen W/Black Spinner,Red,White Pen W/Black Spinner,White Pen W/Blue Spinner,White,White Pen W/Lime Green Spinner,White Pen W/Orange Spinner,White Pen W/Pink Spinner,White Pen W/Purple Spinner,White Pen W/Red Spinner,White Pen W/Black Spinner

Imprint Area: 1.125”w x 0.375”h on lower barrel

Production Time: